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Traditional Wounaan Indigenous Art from Panama

Handmade by Our Family of Artisans

Welcome to Carpio Arte, a family cooperative of Wounaan indigenous artisans in Panama. We create one of a kind art pieces according to the traditions of our ancestors, using the materials from our native jungle, completely by hand. The Wounaan traditional arts that we make and offer to you include:

Fine carvings of Cocobolo wood: One of the finest hardwoods of the rainforest, Cocobolo Wood has been carved by the Wounaan people for millennia, usually in the form of the animals and nature around us.
Vegetable Ivory: The Wounaan men, as part of tradition, create intricate carvings from vegetable ivory (also called tagua seed and tagua nut)
Hand woven traditional baskets: These baskets are made by the Wounaan women from hand selected organic native jungle plants and woven by hand into intricate patterns.
Hand woven Masks: These masks represent important animals in the Wounaan culture. They have spiritual meanings and are used in ceremonies, also hand woven from 100% natural plant fibers.
basket woonan mask tagua seed carving cocobolo wood carving
        Woven Baskets             Woven Masks               Carved Tagua Nut          Cocobolo Carvings

We receive the inspiration for our crafts from the nature around us and the indigenous spirit inside of us and our community.

Please click on the buttons above to learn more about our woven baskets and masks, and carved cocobolo wood and tagua seed. You will read about the materials used and the processes we go through to create them. You can read more about our family and our store on the links at the top of the page.

We are pleased to have the opportunity to share our creations with you. We hope that you will visit our store or communicate with us by phone or email, so that you can bring a piece of traditional Wounaan art into your own home.

By purchasing a piece of original art from Carpio Arte, you are supporting us on our path to keep our traditional arts alive, even in the context of this rapidly “modernizing” world. Rather than allow the modern world to take us away from our roots, it is the objective of Carpio Arte to gently integrate and share our ways with the modern western world so that we both may benefit.