Carved Cocobolo Wood carved cocobolo wood pelican
About Cocobolo Wood

The cocobolo tree is a very special hardwood tree that is native to the Wounaan and Embera indigenous lands in Darien, Panama. It can grow very tall – up to 80 ft. and blooms with white flowers. The wood from the Cocobolo tree is incredible. It is very hard, and takes a very high polish. One of the most magical characteristics of this wood is its natural color variations and grain. The wood color ranges naturally from a golden yellow, to rich red, shades of brown and even black, depending on where in the tree it was harvested from. The cocobolo wood pieces also contain a very pronounced, beautiful grain.

The men of our tribes have been carving cocobolo wood as part of our artistic traditions for hundreds of years, fathers teaching sons. The subjects of cocobolo wood carvings are usually inspired by the nature around us: such as flowers and plants that are native to our region.

Carpio Arte brings to you some of the finest specimens of Cocobolo carvings. We are dedicated artisans, working with the wood, listening to the wood, bringing out its natural beauty. We love the challenges presented to us in the shapes of our animal friends and delight in bringing them to life. One of our cocobolo carvings would make a very special addition to fine interior design.

Cocobolo carvings range from $35 to $400 and higher for very large, special pieces.

carved cocobolo wood butterfly
carved cocobolo wood tucan
carved cocobolo wood eagle