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Delisa Carpio

Binder Carpio Wounaan Artisan

Delisa Carpio was born in the Darien Province of Panama. She is a member of the Wounaan ethnicity and is a part of the Wounaan comunity near Colon, Panama. She is marrried and has 5 children.

She inherited the art of weaving from her female ancesters. She is highly skilled artisan in the traditional ways of creating woven baskets, plates and masks from the fibers of the Chunga palm.

She feels thes items are an especially important peice of Wounaan culture because they were always used to hold the most valuable posessions of her people, especially before the invasion of the Spaniards when the Wounaan were rich in gold. The designs she creates are an expression of her relationship to the natural world.

You may contact Delisa by calling: 507-6719-9005 (Spanish and Wounaan only)