Woven Masks

The handwoven masks made by the Wounaan and Emberra people are some of the most unique handcrafts in the world.

The indigenous women artisans hand select special palm trees that grow wild in the jungle and clip palm leaves from them. These leaves are then beaten and dried to make fiber for weaving. The women also collect plants, soil and wood from the jungle that can be used to make natural dyes. They use these dyes to color the fibers.

Creating the masks is an arduous, elaborate process done entirely by hand. For the largest, most intricate masks, it can take several years to complete one. Mask weaving is an art that is very special to the Wounaan people. Mothers teach their daughters the technique, and in this way the art has survived for many generations. Each mask is a unique work of art that can add a powerful, tribal element of decoration to a wall in your home or office. All of the masks we make can actually be worn, in addition to serving as decoration pieces.

The price of a mask can range from $30 to $5000, depending on the size and level of intricacy.